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Environmental care

Sustainable business - Ruinemans Aquarium BV

Through our product :

  • We comply with the regulations of CITES
  • We do not trade in genetically engineered fish
  • We do not manipulate in color other than through fish feed
  • We respect wild seasons- when buying wild-caught fish from designated areas. This way we support the local economy and therefore prevent locals from cutting down trees ("Buy a fish, save a tree")
  • We encourage the breeding of several popular wild ornamental fish, where possible locally to keep the transport needs as short as possible.


Through our business :

  • We extract heat from wastewater using buffers and a heat pump
  • In the summer cool our building through the water needed for next day's use with water changes of our tropical fish.
  • Our set of 128 solar panels produces 30.000 kWh per year
  • Our order processing takes place virtually paperless
  • Our plastic and cardboard waste is collected and processed separately.
  • Our polystyrene boxes are taken back for free and reused
  • Our fleet is on average no more than 3 years old so the latest technology and fuel efficiency is applied.