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Sales conditions

Availability, sizes and prices are subject to seasonal changes. Only healthy fish will be shipped.

Sales in accordance with our terms of delivery, registered with the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce on the 1st October 1974. Delivery possible by air or road.

Special polystyrene, high-quality export boxes (15kg) at € 7,50 each (Refund on returned boxes € 4,25 each). In winter we use heatpacks (€ 0,65 each). Frozen food orders can be rounded to the nearest 10 blisters, with a minimal amount of 10 blisters. This is to avoid defrosting and efficient use of packaging material.

100% of the full order amount in advance. Also 100% freight when sent prepaid. For collection at our company we require cash payment and give a 2% discount. Prices are in Euros.

Within 24 hours after receipt of consignment. We do not guarantee angel fish, discus fish and stingrays. For seperate credit invoices and invoice copies we charge an administrative fee of € 2,50.

The minimum order for deliveries, except deliveries through agents, is € 400,- product value excluding packing and freight.

Minimum quantity : 10 pieces for fish under € 1,35 / piece.

Freight cost by UPS to UK and France :
First box = € 50,-, each following box = € 30,-

Freight cost by UPS to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Sweden :
First box = € 80,-, each following box = € 40,-

Freight cost by UPS to Greece, Malta, Eastern Europe :
First box = € 110,-, each following box = € 80,-
(Baltic states freight cost indication, actual cost will be charged) 

Order Monday before 12.00 hr., shipping Tuesday, delivery Wednesday
Order Tuesday before 12.00 hr., shipping Wednesday, delivery Thursday

Order on Sunday before 15.00 hr. Packing on Monday. Delivery on Tuesday.
Overnight transport with our own temperature controlled truck to Denmark.

Syddanmark, Sjælland and Hovedstaden:
Minimum order € 350,- delivery charge € 35,-
Orders exceeding € 500,- delivery free of charge

Minimum order € 500,- delivery charge € 35,-
Orders exceeding € 750,- delivery free of charge

Minimum order € 750,- delivery charge € 35,-
Orders exceeding € 1.000,- delivery free of charge

When you click an item for ordering and gets in your shopping basket, this is
available at that moment. However, we only proces any order just 1 day in
advance of packing and pair the order with an available tank. If the item
is not available at that moment we simply cannot ship this. In the mean
time, fish can die, get sick, can be sold to other customers who come to us
and select fish on the spot. We do not “reserve” any fish in advance.
This would mean to hold reservations for weeks while we have to take care
of the fish and bear the cost as holding facilities.

Please order just a few days in advance. This will give you 95% chance of
getting what you need. Also, do not make any promises to your customer
untill you really have the fish in your shop. This avoids disappointments. We
never know what the situation is at the moment of packing the fish. We are
dealing with live animals, not simple hardware. Afterall, customers would not
want to receive a sick fish either. To estimate your chances you can see the
stock quantities when your cursor is put on the stock position. If this is 5x
green the stock is multiple tanks so your chance of all tanks being unfit is limited.

If you are looking for specific fish we do not have in stock, you can register
an alert on our website and you will receive an automatic generated e-mail
when this becomes available. 

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